Granular Loose Lick Green Feed Lick

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Livestock grazing on fresh pasture and fodder crops are often deficient in the essential vitamins and minerals required to optimise growth, performance, reproduction and maintenance. 

BFSGLL Green Feed Lick is a balanced formulation of essential minerals and trace elements that provides the animals with the daily levels required to maintain health and maximise productivity. Higher levels of available magnesium have been included to assist in controlling grass tetany and any other nutritional deficiencies associated with fresh pasture and grazed cereal crops. 

BFSGLL Green Feed Lick is a waterproofed loose lick for all weather use and is presented in a consistent granular form that is molassed to optimise intake.

Pack size:          20kg bags

Rate of Use:

Sheep:     10 - 30 grams/head/day

Cattle:      40 - 100 grams/head/day


Offer ad lib in well drained feed points. Store product in a cool, dry place. Dedicated dry lick troughs that are available here can be used and are recommended.

Available from your local rural retailer store or for more information, contact the office 02 4200 1081