Complete Blends

Boyd Feed Systems is offering a range of complete blends that has been tailored by our nutritionist to meet the specific needs of your livestock. It is balanced out with our concentrate pellets which provide a balanced profile of vitamins, trace elements and minerals which enable the sheep and lambs to obtain more energy from the ration, improving average daily gain and overall feed efficiency. 

For more information, please ring Rob Neale 0400 357 647


Barley, oats and corn grains, lupins, millrun, almond hulls, distillers grains, calcium carbonate, protein meals, magnesium oxide, non-protein nitrogen, salt, buffer (acid buf), Bovitec® (lasolocid sodium), vitamin and trace mineral premix.


  • Ensure access to clean fresh water at all times
  • Never feed as the only feed source to hungry or drought affected stock
  • Receive sheep onto quality hay prior to introduction to ration to prevent gorging
  • Provide access to quality hay or straw at all times during first 20 days of introduction to ration