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Boyd Metal Works was founded in 2006 by Peter and Ann-Maree Boyd, a farming couple, who have always been on the land.

Through attendance at an Elders Livestock Management Course (ELMS), an understanding was gained of how the rumen and digestive system works in sheep and cattle.


Armed with this knowledge and a welder, a sheep grain feeder was fabricated, based on three main design points:

Large Capacity.

Ease of adjustment to grain flow.

Minimal wastage of grain.

Using the ELMS protocol and the newly made feeder, Peter and Ann-Maree managed to increase ewe production from 2000 6000 lambs on the same amount of land.


After building the grain feeder, a need was identified for an efficient dry lick feeder.

It was back to the drawing board to design a new feeder, this original design feeder has been very successful in being able to efficiently deliver vitamin and mineral supplements, in granule form, to both cattle and sheep.


Another requirement of the ELMS protocol is to have straw available at all times.

A hay feeder was then designed and constructed using three main points:

Stop moisture from rising from the ground into the feed.

Protection from rain directly onto the top of the bale.

Prevent stock from climbing onto and spreading hay over the ground.

Boyd Metal Works hay feeders will prevent up to 40% of wastage when compared to placing a bale directly onto the ground.


After a year of design and manufacture, Boyd Metal Works had a full range of feeders, which included: sheep grain feeder, cattle grain feeder, sheep dry lick feeder, cattle dry lick feeder and hay feeders that will suit sheep cattle and horses.


During the design process, and over the past five years to the present day, Peter and Ann-Maree have continued to refine their products, always listening to their clients (other farmers) and are proud of the great products that they produce.


In fact, they are so proud of their own products, the feeders have continually been used on their own farm since the first one was built.

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