Dry Lick Feeder Cattle

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New Deep Trough model.


Length: 2400

Width: 1200

Height: 900


Dry Lick Feeder Cattle

  • Holds up to 130 Litres.
  • Weather Protected.
  • Heavy Duty Galvanised Construction.
  • Steel Post Anchor System.
  • Welded for extra Strength.
  • Now available in a deep trough version.


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Home   About    Products    SheepFeederStandard    SheepFeederHeavyDuty  SheepFeederHDDS   CattleFeeder   TowableFeeder    HayFeederStandard    HayFeederLarge  HayFeederXLarge  HayFeederHorse    DryLickFeederSheep    FoldingLidDLFSheep    DryLickFeederCattle   ChaffBin    CustomWork     PriceList/OrderForm     Contact

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